How much CBD should I take

How Much CBD Should I Take?

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Vape pens, liquid tinctures, topical lotions and creams, hemp flower, gel capsules, infused water, and chocolates are just a sample of the wide variety of CBD oil products available on the market today. And with the popularity of CBD growing every year, your options are likely to continue to grow.

But if you’re using CBD for its health effects, for instance in the hopes of relieving pain, sleeping better, or reducing stress, there’s something you need to know: some products are more powerful per mg CBD than others.

This difference in potency is known as CBD bioavailability. By the end of this article, you will understand what CBD bioavailability is, how it works, and how you can use it to correctly dose your CBD products.

What is CBD Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is a term used to describe how much of something your body can absorb and put to use. The higher the bioavailability, the more your body absorbs; the lower the bioavailability, the less it absorbs.

Because of different CBD bioavailabilities, you could have two CBD oil products, say a vape pen and an edible, both with 25 mg CBD per serving. To have the same impact on your physiology, you would almost always need to have more servings of the edible!

There are four categories of CBD products that you’ll find at the store today:

  • Inhaled CBD: Vape pens and smokable hemp flower are the two common forms of CBD that you absorb into your body through inhalation.
  • Oral CBD: Gel caps, gummies, waters, and anything that you eat is absorbed via your digestive tract after you consume it.
  • Sublingual CBDCBD oil tinctures, mouth sprays, and lozenges are common forms of sublingual CBD, which is partially absorbed through the sublingual gland found under your tongue.
  • Topical CBD: Creams, lotions, gels, and athletic solves are all topical CBD because they’re applied to and absorbed through the skin.

Which Type of CBD Has the Highest Bioavailability?

Researchers have found that CBD bioavailability is highest in inhaled products, moderate in sublingual products, and lowest in oral products. What this means is that you would likely need to take more mg CBD per day if you were using a CBD capsule than if you were using a CBD vape pen.

As for topical products, they are used to target certain areas, and therefore they are not normally compared to oral, sublingual, or inhaled forms of CBD (at least in terms of bioavailability). There have not been studies to tell us the ideal strength of topical CBD, so it’s best to experiment and find what works best for you.

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What CBD Product and Dosage Should I Use?

Most of the research that’s been done on CBD in humans has been through either oral or sublingual application. More studies are needed to evaluate the safety and risks of inhaled CBD products.

Because of this, most people will opt for an oral CBD product. Sublingual products are simply those CBD oil products that you can allow to sit under your tongue before swallowing them to get an extra boost in bioavailability from the sublingual application.

Try using a CBD oil tincture or gel cap and starting at a dose of 25 mg twice daily. Experiment by slowly increasing your dosage until you find what works best for you. When sourcing a quality CBD oil supplement, look for a full spectrum hemp oil product like Calm by Wellness full spectrum hemp oil.

Closing Thoughts

It’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits all CBD dosage. Researchers have found that the ideal quantity of CBD can vary based on what you’re using it for and your personal genetics and biology. This means that two people using CBD for anxiety are likely to need different dosages.

Because of this, try finding one quality product and sticking with it until you find the right dosage for you. If you then decide to try a different product, test out the ideal dosage with your new product as it may change from what you were using before.

Nicole Gleichmann

Nicole Gleichmann

As a science content writer, she uses her knowledge as an Organismal Biologist and pairs it with her expertise in SEO content writing to create research-backed blogs, websites, and ebooks for her clients. Nicole’s subjects of preference include Cannabis sativa, CBD, and THC, as well as nutrition and holistic health.
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