Our CBD Immunity Tincture is specially formulated to be the most powerful immune support product money can buy. This simple but highly effective Immune Terpene Blend is a proven formula that helps your body maintain a strong immune response. We think that everyone deserves a healthy immune system, that’s why we developed a Vegan Vitamin D3 alternative!

Are you finding yourself unable to catch those much-deserved Z’s? Our Sleep Well Gummies are the perfect simple way to lull yourself into a restful sleep. We all know that our days are filled with stress and obligations that require a great night’s sleep to recharge our batteries.

These specially designed gummies are truly one of a kind! These gummies contain Eldermune TM premium European Elderberry Extract along with 100% of your daily Vitamin C, Zinc, and featuring a plant-based Vitamin D.

Our Edible Gummies are a unique blend of high quality, hemp health conscious ingredients. These smooth, flavorful gummies provide a calming high of happiness, pain relief, and restfulness. For those new to full spectrum, these gummies contain just 5mg for a smooth, mellow high, perfect for first time users. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

This little roller delivers all of its calming effects through a transdermal administration. This means that the active ingredients in our formula are delivered across the skin and absorbed into the body. Just massage our roller over your neck, legs, shoulders, or feet before bed and enjoy a restful night’s sleep while Magnesium and Hemp work to calm the pain in your body.

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