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Enjoy the best CBD bundles. Get more while spending less on discounted bundle sets designed to bring you everything you need in one convenient package. Whether you’re looking for CBD Gummies, CBD Oil Tinctures, or CBD Topicals, choose from one of our many bundles tailor-made to match your unique CBD needs.

CBD Bundles FAQ

Calm By Wellness
Volume and variety. CBD bundles are designed to give you the full CBD experience in all its forms and applications. And bonus, at a bulk discount, a CBD bundle gives you access to more CBD products at a significantly lower cost than purchasing these products individually.
Yes, CBD is legal in the U.S. at the state and federal level and requires no direct FDA regulation at this time.
No, CBD is non-psychoactive. Each of our CBD bundles is built with different needs in mind. Take a look at each of our bundles to determine which set is right for you.
Yes. CBD hasn’t been found to be addictive, contains no dangerous chemicals or compounds, and can be considered harmless in reasonable doses.
Yes! In fact, our Starter Bundle products were made to be used daily for best results.
None, our CBD Product Bundles for sale come as is. However, you may buy the products individually if you want to create your own combination.
No, all our CBD bundles come only with the products described on our website.

Definitely, our Best Seller Bundle, which includes a bottle of Sleep Oil Tincture (1000mg of CBD + 90mg of CBN), Peppermint Oil Tincture (500mg of CBD), and Vegan CBD Gummies.

It is hand-picked and combined to provide you an all day relief – from the moment you take your first Vegan CBD Gummy in the morning, to kicking a dose of that cool minty taste from our Peppermint Oil Tincture to fight off the afternoon slack until you please take a dropper of our Sleep Oil Tincture for that restful night sleep. Try it for yourself!

Quality. Our mission is to let our users around the world experience CALM by providing them the best CBD they can get. Here at Calm by Wellness, we strive to put the users first and have ensured that our farm in Colorado are growing our hemp plants in the most optimal and healthy environment before being transported to our manufacturing facility. That’s why our customers know they’re getting the best CBD product for their needs in a package that’s safe and effective
Feel free to contact us! Our customer support team is always available to help. We want to make sure you are loving your products, so we welcome all types of feedback. We love to hear how our products are helping you and your loved ones.
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