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Wondering how to get free full-size products from Calm by Wellness? We're here with the inside scoop! This step-by-step guide will fill you in on how you can increase your chances of receiving free products, earning some cash while promoting our brand, and trying out upcoming products before anyone else!

Calm Hemp CBD Oil

How to Get Free Products

Step 1. Fill out our reviewer survey. It’s a quick survey that help us get to know you better. Make sure you answer them as honest as possible! The more you tell us about yourself, the easier it is for us to send you Calm by Wellness products you’ll love. And, don’t worry, we’ll keep your information safe.

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(OPTIONAL) Step 3. Create your affiliate account. It’s free and fast! Becoming an affiliate gives you the opportunity to earn money by promoting Calm by Wellness. Our affiliates advocate for the mission of bringing calm into everyday life, while generating revenue for themselves by placing Calm by Wellness links on their site, on social media, blog posts, etc. Join the Calm by Wellness family and give back through the purchases of our CBD.

Need Some Product Review Inspo?

Watch these videos and see why our CBD is the most recommended CBD out there.

*If you have a genuine passion for health and wellness, and willing to share your story with the world, we will contact you. We receive hundreds of requests so please be patient, not everyone is selected as a product reviewer.


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